A Message from Author Shelley Pearsall


Our world has changed dramatically over the last few months due to COVID-19. As much as I love in-person author visits, I've decided to move everything online for the 2020-2021 school year to keep us all safe.


But FEAR author programs and writing workshops are continuing in the virtual world.  (And yes--some are free!) Since March, I've done virtual visits with more than 600 students in 6 states and Canada. If you're looking for a virtual book talk, a personalized classroom video, or a virtual author visit--check out the new opportunities below.  


Virtual programs are available for online schools, libraries, bookstores, homeschool groups, and family groups.  Complete the contact form to schedule or request more information.


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(free or fee-based, depending on program choice)
Informal book chat (20 minutes, free) for small book groups reading one of Shelley’s books.  Longer book talks that include special book-related visuals, a brainstorming activity, and Q&A with Shelley (45 - 60 minutes, $200). Group size is flexible.  Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet platforms.  


(3 - 5 minutes, free)
Reading one of Shelley’s books as a school or classroom? 

She will create a fun, personalized video greeting to share with your students, saying hello and introducing the featured book of your choice. 


(approx. 30 minutes, $200)
After reading one of Shelley’s books with your students, compile a list of your Top 10 questions. Shelley will create a personalized video answering your school's questions with visuals, stories, and other surprises. This video can be used and shared on your school’s platforms all year.



(four hours of "author time" can be used all year, $975) 

Designed to be flexible for schools during COVID-19, this virtual version of an author visit isn’t restricted to a single-day experience.  Your school will get 4 hours of "author time" to use whenever and however you'd like.  Use the time for virtual author talks, personalized videos on topics of your choice, virtual writing workshops with Shelley, or other programs that will benefit your students the most.  Twenty-four copies of Shelley's books (your choice of titles) are included. 

LIVE!  ZOOM POETRY  Grades 4 - 8

(30 minutes, $125)

Use Zoom or Google Meet platforms in creative and fun ways to write poems with Shelley.   No poetic experience necessary!  



Shelley has posted her Shoes writing workshop video on YouTube, and on her Home Page here. In the free video, students learn how to create a detailed fictional character and develop a story idea using a shoe.   It takes about 60 minutes to complete the activity using the video.  Perfect for writers in grades 4 and up.  More free writing videos for schools are coming soon, so stay tuned.

Interested in a "live" version of this workshop on Zoom or Google Meet with Shelley? Contact the author for scheduling and pricing.


Have an idea for a virtual program or topic you’d like to see?  Contact me.


A high-energy presenter, Shelley Pearsall has worked with over 200,000 students (grades 4-8) since 2003.  Her books are used widely in schools and libraries.  She is a former teacher with a Master's Degree in Education, and a decade of teaching experience in public schools and museums. Through her books and programs, Shelley encourages readers and writers to find their own creative spark.  Even in the virtual world, she likes to get students involved and interacting.

Topics she can highlight include:  brainstorming, story mapping, writer's block, character development, setting, revision, book jacket design, research, using primary sources, creative resilience, writing about race, Underground Railroad history, art in fiction, math in fiction.



"Thank you for your informational & engaging videos for our 5th grade readers/writers during this Distance Learning time! Your ‘SHOES’ Writing Workshop was amazing & inspirational! The students’ ‘Book Jacket Blurbs’ rocked!"  2020 Virtual Visit

"What an amazing way to end one of our favorite books...for an hour Shelley was bombarded with questions from fifth graders...we were so excited!  Amazing!!" 2020 Virtual Visit

"That was amazing. I'm not sure if you could see the students' faces, but they were rapt. I felt like it was truly a perfect hour with you, inspiring, instructive and fun." 2020 Virtual Visit

"I really liked how you weren't afraid to laugh with us and talk about your mistakes."    Brandon, 2018


“To take a lonely shoe and turn it into a story takes some truly amazing skill. You are a master of your craft, and we loved learning from you".       Captain Nathan Hale MS, CT

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