VIRTUALLY YOURS in 2021 - 2022!  
Bring author Shelley Pearsall to your school, classroom,
or library for a virtual visit.

During the pandemic school year, author Shelley Pearsall donated virtual author visits to 45 schools in 14 states, spreading book joy in these challenging times. Since 2003, Shelley's author visits and writing workshops have reached a quarter million students across the country.


To continue to support schools and libraries, she will be offering several free and low-cost virtual options for 2021-2022.   Find out more below!


Free Fridays

On Fridays during the 2021-2022 school year, I will offer free 30-minute virtual author visits for schools and libraries.  To qualify for a free visit, you must have completed reading one of my books with your students (which title is up to you). Send a virtual visit request through the contact form.  Limit of one free virtual visit per school.  And yes, reading is required!

What's Included?

Your 30-minute virtual visit will include a tour of my writing office, special book-related visuals from your selected book, and about 15 minutes of Q&A time. 

Video-recording of sessions is permitted.  Schools can use Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet platforms. 


All-School Book Events

Want to get a bunch of free stuff for your school?  Use one of my books for an all-school "One Book, One School" reading event.  Or try out my One Book One Day reading program. 


Schools doing an all-school read of one of my novels will qualify for: 

  • One free 30-minute virtual author visit

  • One free 30-minute writing workshop

  • 100 autographed bookmarks


Send your request through the contact form with the date of your event and the title being used as an all-school read. Video-recording sessions and streaming within your school is permitted.

Personalized Programs

If you are looking for a virtual visit with more classroom sessions or specialized writing workshops, my fee is $250 per additional writing workshop or virtual author session.  


If you are interested in personalized book videos designed for your school, my fee is $150 per video (15 - 20 minutes in length).  Schools or classrooms can submit their book/author questions, and I will answer 8 - 10 questions via video.

Use the Contact Form to send your request.

Instant Writing Workshop 
Video for Schools

In this FREE 30-minute video, students will brainstorm and create a detailed fictional character inspired by a shoe.   It takes about 60 minutes to complete the entire writing exercise with the video -- or use the video in segments.  Perfect for writers in grades 4 - 8.  



"Thank you for your informational & engaging videos for our 5th grade readers/writers during this Distance Learning time! Your ‘SHOES’ Writing Workshop was amazing & inspirational! The students’ ‘Book Jacket Blurbs’ rocked!"  2020 Virtual Visit

"What an amazing way to end one of our favorite books...for an hour Shelley was bombarded with questions from fifth graders...we were so excited!  Amazing!!" 2020 Virtual Visit

"That was amazing. I'm not sure if you could see the students' faces, but they were rapt. I felt like it was truly a perfect hour with you, inspiring, instructive and fun." 2020 Virtual Visit

"I really liked how you weren't afraid to laugh with us and talk about your mistakes."    Brandon, 2018


“To take a lonely shoe and turn it into a story takes some truly amazing skill. You are a master of your craft, and we loved learning from you".       Captain Nathan Hale MS, CT


2020-2021 Virtual Author Visits

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