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A school-wide read aloud event


Reading one of Shelley's books in your school?  Author visits can bring the creative process to life. 


A high-energy presenter, Shelley Pearsall has worked with over 200,000 students (grades 4-8) in a dozen states.  She is a former teacher with a Master's Degree in Education, and a decade of teaching experience in public schools and museums.


Through her books and programs, Shelley encourages readers and writers to find their own creative spark.



Available upon request.

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A standard school visit includes a maximum of three assemblies or writing workshops (or a mix), plus one small group Q & A lunch. Book signing time can be added.

Book Speak!  Featured Assembly

Grades 4-8/large group audience


Reading one of Shelley’s books as a grade-level or school choice? Go behind-the-scenes of your featured book to discover even more. 


See the inspiration, the messy office, the research, the creative brainstorming, and the incredible “tower” of rough drafts.  Get a sneak peek at Shelley’s next book and her first publication attempts at age 13.  Ask questions, vote on book titles, and be part of the creation of a book.  Curriculum connections: writing process, creativity, and resilience.

Watch a video introduction from Shelley Pearsall

“Shoes” Small Group Writing Workshop

Grades 4-8 /30 students (mixed grade levels okay)


How do authors create memorable characters? Find out using real shoes for inspiration. Program focuses on brainstorming and characterization. Shoes provided.


Writing LIVE! Writing Session    NEW

Grades 4-5 /100 students with teachers


Enjoy this one-of-a-kind assembly where everyone writes (really!). Shelley will lead the audience through a variety of exercises in brainstorming, creative thinking, descriptive language, and using a writer’s “vision.”

Q & A Small Group Lunch with the Author

All ages/up to 25 participants


A great chance for a small group of students or staff to have Q & A time with Shelley. Use for Power of the Pen, essay contest winners, aspiring writers, or other selected participants. 30 minutes.



“This author visit has been the best by far. You are such an energetic person it is hard to be bored." Gabriella, 2018

"I really liked how you weren't afraid to laugh with us and talk about your mistakes."    Brandon, 2018

“Shelley does an exceptional job of taking students through the creative process…even students who have not necessarily been into writing have been inspired by her…it is amazing what the kids produce as a result of her input, guidance and expertise.”          Mariemont (OH) Schools


“To take a lonely shoe and turn it into a story takes some truly amazing skill. You are a master of your craft, and we loved learning from you".       Captain Nathan Hale MS, CT