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Virtual Author Visits &
Interactive Writing 
Workshops  2024

Over the past 20 years, I've worked with more than 250,000 students across the US as a visiting author. I'm a former classroom teacher with a Masters in Education. My goal is to inspire new writers and readers, and I'm known for my lively, interactive, and visual presentation style.


Since I'm now based part-time in Scotland and the US, my author visits are all virtual these days. Although the scenery from my office window may vary, I'm able to visit from near or far, so feel free to reach out! US, UK, and international requests are welcome.

Book Chats with Shelley

Reading one of my books in your school or library? During a 45-minute book chat visit, I'll share visuals and stories about your featured novel (the inspiration, rough drafts, random brainstorms and more). Plenty of Q&A time is included. Video-recording and streaming within your school is permitted.  $250 per session*.


* free sessions are available to schools with financial need or those doing an all-school read. 

Available from 8am - 2pm (US time zones). Send your visit request through the contact form.  

More than a Virtual Visit

Looking for something more?  Try out one of my interactive virtual visits that involve students in a live writing activity. Complete the contact form to schedule.


Classroom Mentor Author Opportunity


Imagine having a mentor author for your classroom! Students will get two 45-minute virtual sessions with me -- a book talk and a writing workshop. Plus, they can submit a short writing sample for written feedback from me. Available for 4th - 7th grades/limit 32 participants. 

$650/2 sessions plus writing sample review


"Hampton's Throne Speaks" Writing Workshop

Can a work of art speak? Yes! After taking a virtual look at the real Hampton's Throne that inspired The Seventh Most Important Thing, we'll do a series of writing activities. We'll focus on personification, characterization, and observation as we bring the artwork to life. 5th - 8th grades.

$400/60 minute session

Streaming to multiple classrooms is permitted

Daydreaming on Bed

Writing LIVE!

Grades 4 and 5


This workshop includes three fast-paced and fun writing activities: imagining a setting, brainstorming a character, and writing a special figurative language poem. Make writing come alive in your classroom.

$400/60 minute session

Streaming to multiple classrooms is permitted.

Instant Writing Workshop 
Video for Schools

Try out this instant writing workshop I created in 2020 for at-home virtual learning. It takes about 60 minutes to complete. Or you can utilize the video in segments.  Perfect for writers in grades 4 - 7.  

Need more teaching resources?



"My Q1 Book Club had a BLAST meeting the author of Things Seen From Above! Such an engaging virtual visit with a fun guided drawing on perspective included!" 

"What an amazing way to end one of our favorite books...Shelley was bombarded with questions from fifth graders...we were so excited!" 

"Thank you for giving our students such an unforgettable experience."

"Your visit has become a rite of passage in our middle school." 

"I'm not sure if you could see the students' faces, but they were rapt. I felt like it was truly a perfect hour with you, inspiring, instructive and fun." 

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