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Art and Artists, Friendship,  and Community.


Recommended for Grades 4 to 8.

Things Seen From Above


Publisher: Knopf

272 pages


You can never tell where a simple line may lead...


April is desperately looking for an escape from all the gossip and drama of the sixth grade lunch hour, so she signs up to be a Buddy Bench monitor for the fourth grade recess.


Joey Byrd is a fourth grade outcast who just wants to be left alone. He's a boy on the fringes, who wanders the playground alone, dragging his feet through the dirt.  What is the purpose of his mysterious lines? Are they really as random as they seem?


Read about the photograph that inspired the novel.

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Available February 4, 2020 in hardcover and audio

Told from alternating viewpoints and perspectives, through text and illustrations, Things Seen From Above is a story about seeing things that others overlook--and how a shift in perspective can sometimes change our lives in surprising ways. (Grades 4-6, 288 pages, illustrations by Xingye Jin)